Sandals 4 Weirdos


I'm the first to admit that my taste in clothing and accessories isn't exactly for everyone.

I've marched to the beat of my own drum (fashion-wise) since I was wee: sporting fab Shoshanna-ish hairdos since the age of 4 and rocking a Chicago Bulls' cap with a red lip and matching socks at age 7.

As I've grown older, I've kept that childhood quality of being drawn to styles that are slightly off the beaten path. There is now one major difference- instead of being teased mercilessly in the schoolyard, somehow people actually like the way I dress now. Sure, my closest friends and family roll their eyes when I show them my latest purchase, muttering something like "That's so Raven Lauryn" under their breaths.

But then, a few weeks (or months) later...they change their tune. Suddenly, the "hideous" manicure I've been sporting suddenly becomes something that they like! The "ugly" sneakers I collected 3 (okay 4!) pairs of become something that they want to wear themselves! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, but I mean, this is pretty exciting(!) for me. When this happens, I feel a sense of validation.

I may be a weirdo, but so are you.


The perfect shoe for chopstick sword fighting.

MARNI Bonded platform sandals


The perfect shoe for ballet/hiking.

CÉLINE Suede kidskin Ghillie sandals


The perfect shoe to blind your enemies with.

PROENZA SCHOULER Metallic leather woven sandals


The perfect shoe to replace your beloved Crocs.

BALENCIAGA Studded nylon thick-sole flat sandals


The perfect shoe to wear in the rain after a pedicure.

ACNE STUDIOS Rubber 'Milo' gladiator sandals