Moth to a Flame

Sometimes when I have a bit of extra time on my hands, I like to (shocker!) browse online stores. Normally it's something that doesn't have my full attention unless I'm doing it for work, but sometimes my eyes are just drawn to a gorgeous item on the page like a moth to a flame. The above offerings are reaped from such episodes. They pretty much make up my dream fall outfit, if I had a spare 20k lying around for something to wear to the post office or whatever I do on a random Monday.

COLÉOPTÈRE  'Die Schrift' Pencil Stacking Ring in Lapis, $2575

MARY KATRANTZOU  Embellished Wool Dress, $11520

YAZBUKEY x CAUSSE  'Ces't Ahh' Gloves, $525

ALEXANDER WANG  Black 'Lys' Bootie, $795

EDIE PARKER  'Jean' Emoji Flames Clutch, $1495