The Split-Apart Theory

The first ever written reference to each person having a destined mate was given from the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. His theory was that each human being is part of one soul, in which they only have half of. The idea is that the soul was "split-apart" and separated from each other– and the two halves would forever long for one another. When the two find each other, there would be an unspoken understanding of one another.

Theorists propose that each of these halves of the one soul learns all of life's lessons at their own pace, and if the two halves happen to cross paths at some point during life, they may have a powerful bond; because they are each other's soulmate. They find a truly genuine connection, they're so alike in emotions or issues.

If you are lucky, as I have been, you won’t have just one. I am blessed to have had many different soul mates through the years; each one has contributed in some way to my becoming the woman I am today.

One of my soul mates is Arleen Solomon Rotchin.

On the outside, I’m sure we look the unlikeliest of friends. A four-decade age gap doesn’t usually go unnoticed when we walk down the street together or go out for our weekly sushi lunches. But in our friendship, the difference in our age affects our bond about as much as our eight-inch height difference (I admit that doesn’t help make the visual seem more normal).

Apart from her unbelievable talent at taking pictures (all of the above photographs with taken by Arleen, at an “old-people’s home in 1983”), she is a very gifted writer whose third novel ‘The Duchess of Cypress” has just come out.

If you haven’t the privilege of knowing her in real life, all the more reason you have to read all of her books. If you can glean even one ounce of her intelligence, wit, humour, or talent from them, then you can count yourself as one of the many lucky ones whose life has been made better by Arleen.

If you live in Montreal, you can find her books at Babar En Ville (514) 931-0606 or Bibliophile (514) 486-7369. Otherwise, the books are available here, here, here.