Thanksgiving 2.0

Miso Deviled Eggs   

Spatchcocked Turkey with Anise + Orange

Pretzel Stuffing with Beer + Bacon

Fried Chili + Ginger Mashed Potatoes

Tempura Green Beans with Mushroom Salt + Shallot Dip


I've never met a Thanksgiving meal that I didn't like, have you? I love everything about it: the juicy turkey (white meat or dark, I don't discriminate), the buttery mashed potatoes (any other potato dish is a bonus-I adore sweet potatoes), the STUFFING (which I easily made gluten-free this year- it is the easiest dish to replicate without it tasting different at all), any and all sides...

This year, I wanted to try a special kind of Thanksgiving meal, and I'm sharing it with you! I'm so grateful to be able to afford beautiful food to feed my family. If you want to find a local food bank so you can give back this year, please click here.

Here are some bonus recipes that are on my all-time favorite recipes/to-try list for next year's menu/leftovers meal:

  1. LADY + PUPS' spicy alterna-Thanksgiving meal here
  2. I AM A FOOD BLOG's insane leftover rice, heavenly brussels sprouts + miso butter (!!!) mashed potatoes
  3. TWO RED BOWLS' fall-flavoured pasta, stuffing rolls + sweet potato casserole covered in thyme marshmallows ahhh!
  4. THE VINTAGE MIXER's novel palette-cleanser
  5. GOOP's turkey osso busso
  6. BON APPETIT's mmmmmmm gravy
  7. MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE canned cranberry sauce replacement
  8. DINE + DISH's dessert
  9. SOUVLAKI FOR THE SOUL's dessert
  10. SPOON FORK BACON's dessert
  11. BAKERS ROYALE's dessert
  12. SHE WEARS MANY HATS' best-ever thing to do with your leftovers