Trust Fund Beauty


Over the past few months, I've been making a lot of lifestyle changes. I've had a few health issues and it opened up my eyes to what toxins I was exposing my body to.

Along with a massive diet overhaul, I decided to try to go 'natural' with my beauty products. It only makes sense that what I put on my skin should be every bit as important as what I put into my body.

Since I was never the type to wear tons of makeup on a daily basis (sadly, this fact has no effect on my insane compulsion to buy and try every new product out there), changing my face wash and concealer was easy-peasy. The toughie? My manicure!

In the spirit of the name of the brand I'm about to introduce- I should probably admit to my unabashedly frequent appointments at the nail salon. Yes, it's an expensive habit- but I REALLY can't stand the way a chipped/grown out manicure looks. It's something that has always bothered me to the point of being pretty much repulsed to look at my (albeit rarely) un-pampered hands.


 Left to right: Rehab + Repeat, I'm Kind of a Big Deal, What's a Budget?, Gossip Mag (my fav!) and Bitch, Please!

Left to right: Rehab + Repeat, I'm Kind of a Big Deal, What's a Budget?, Gossip Mag (my fav!) and Bitch, Please!

Enter the belle of the ball: Trust Fund Beauty.

Fellow-Montrealer Samara Granofsky first had the idea for the brand after her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was on the hunt for a non-toxic and non-boring manicure. Her amazing nail lacquers are not only non-toxic/5-free, but vegan and cruelty-free.

Did you know that most commercial polishes contain formaldehyde? No bueno.

For all the ingredients they lack, the polishes really stand up against the competition. They were super easy to apply, barely needed a second coat, and has been living on my toes for over a week -still looking as fresh as if I had gotten my pedicure today. And if saving your skin isn't incentive enough to make the switch to their gorgeous non-toxic hues, the cheeky names are sure to draw you in.

I could not be happier to announce that using the code LGLOVESTFB, you guys will get 3 free samples included in your order. Don't say I never did anything for you.

You can shop Trust Fund Beauty here and follow their pretty Instagram feed here.