MANI MONDAY: Meadham Kirchhoff x Nail Rock

Meadham Kirchhoff's Spring/Summer 2012 show featured two amazing beauty collabos:

candy-coloured and glitter-encrusted MAC lipsticks (sadly just one-offs for the show)

and the REAL subject of this (late) Mani Monday post:

MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF MeadhamKirchhoff3 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff4 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff5 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff6 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff7 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff1 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff2 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480MeadhamKirchhoff8 V 21sep11 pr b 320x480

Nail Rock are known for their designer nail wraps, which have been worn by some of my favourite mani muses: Alexa Chung, BeyoncΓ© and Rihanna.

You can buy them by clicking now at TOPSHOP or ASOS

And if you aren't into the kitchy-cute designs from the current collection, you only need to wait until these puppies come out:


Nails1 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails2 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails4 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails5 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails6 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails7 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails8 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480Nails9 V 22feb12 PR b 320x480

Mushrooms, ghosts and fried eggs never looked so cute.