Best of the Week

SPRING FORWARD! Daylight Savings marks the super annoying fun weekend where we lose a precious hour of sleep. Use the extra awake-time on Saturday night wisely, and catch up on what you might have missed during the hectic week.

"Evidence" of celebrity time-travel (aka really funny article noting striking resemblances between stars and people in history).

Party stylist extraordinaire Lula Aldunate has the most colourful and inspiring Flickr albums. Her layered place-settings are must-see!

Lose hours of your life perusing a Tumblr account full of images of celebrities' relationships past. Brittany Murphy x Ashton Kutcher, anyone?

My how things have changed! Really loving this collection of photographs that Bruce Davidson took on the New York City subway in the 1980s.

I'm really into this gorgeous-but-pricey golden and pearl ear cuff by Sophie Bille Brahe. Too bad Valentine's Day is over... maybe for my un-birthday? 😘