GIFTED: Let's hear it for the boys

This amazing mechanical pencil is made in Germany by one of the oldest pen companies in the world. The Classic Sport closely follows an original 1935 octagonal design. KAWECO Black Push Pencil

A good hangover brings its victim to a new state of mind—and one that, when looked at objectively, can be quite fascinating to its host: It can create an increased awareness of the body, a willingness to eat something usually off limits, and a fascination with the mind’s strange acrobatics. The title isn't a typo, no matter how desperately my auto-correct tried to convince me. The Hungoevr Cookbook by Milton Crawford

This gorgeous watch has a built-in compass. Also (I mean more importantly), Brad Pitt wore one of these bad boys while saving the world from zombies in World War Z. Enough said.TERRA CIELO MARE Orienteering Watch

Fire is a spin-off of the Life is Precious Survival Kit designed for the Handmade Exhibition in Milan. After receiving an overwhelming amount of requests to sell the kit, they decided to release this piece. The waterproof canister contains strike anywhere matches and a cotton ball in the cap for tinder, and is engraved with “Fire - Light & Warmth – Strike on bottom”. Waterproof Fire Kit

The game's name comes from the pieces' resemblance to Venetian Carnival masks known as domino, which were white with black spots. These masks were so named, in turn, because they resembled French priests' winter hoods, being black on the outside and white on the inside. The oldest known domino set was found in Tutankamen's tomb, among the ruin of Thebes.Moon Dominos

This simple and stylish keychain  is machined in the US from 360 brass and comes equipped with a handy bottle opener.The pin is machined from 1018 steel and is then blackened. It holds up to five keys and comes with a key ring for holding car remotes or other additions. J.L. LAWSON The Minimalist II Key Shackle