Last night, I was invited to attend the Isabel Marant pour H&M pre-shop event at Montreal's flagship store on Saint-Catherine's street. When I say everything was gone within 15 minutes, I'm not exaggerating.


If the event was any indication of what's to come tomorrow morning, you need to prepare. Here are a few tips to get you through it in one piece:

plan ahead.

Decide what you want to get beforehand. You need to go in knowing exactly what you're looking for so you can grab it before someone else does! Items and prices are available online to help with your planning.

get there early.

There was a line-up an hour before the event even started last night. Line up as early as you can on Thursday morning- and wear comfortable shoes because you'll be there for a while!

have a partner in crime.

Find a friend who is equally as excited as you are and bring her with you. You know what they say: four hands are better than one (Do they say that?). You can divvy up the items on your respective wish lists to shop more efficiently. Besides, you need someone to hold your place in line when you need a bathroom break after all that hot chocolate (see next tip)

keep warm.

Bring a thermos, a flask (kidding) gloves, a warm jacket, warm socks...Once you're lined up, you're in for the long haul. You need your limbs if you plan on snagging your favourite piece!

work on your bartering tactics.

Once inside, people get nervous. They grab an armful of the same item in a whole array of sizes in fear of not getting one that fits. See someone trying on that sweater you want? Hover nearby in the least creepy way possible. If she's squinting at her reflection in the mirror as she debates her purchase, don't be shy to ask if she's planning on buying it. Are you holding that coveted jacket in a size 6 when you really need a 4? There's a chance that there is someone else in the same situation who would be grateful to swap with you.

If you're wondering if it is all worth it- it is! Even though I limped out of the event frazzled, with battle wounds (those shoe boxes are sharp! and I practically dislocated my shoulder lugging around all my goodies) it was so worth it. I scored some great pieces that I love and feel victorious.