Have you heard that quote before? Eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Incidentally, sisters are also who I happen to use to make my eyebrows beautiful.

Normally it's extremely difficult to find even one person to entrust my favourite feature with, so the fact that sister duo Dari & Gail both have the magic touch is really special.

In the past, (like every girl I know) I've had my share of eyebrow woes:

  • When I was 14, I desperately wanted to look like the girls from All Saints in their 'I Know Where It's At' music video, and plucked my poor brows into near oblivion using an article from Seventeen magazine to guide me.
  • When I was 19, I accidentally shaved off half of my right eyebrow in a crazy I-didn't-take-the-time-to-pluck-my-eyebrows-earlier-now-I'm-in-a-mad-rush-to-leave-the-house-and-they-look-like-caterpillars moment.
  • When I was 22, I thought I found the Holy Grail of  eyebrow maintenance: threading. I love how it looked the first time I did it, and the second, and the third....until one day I realized they were getting thinner after every appointment and I was soon left with half of what I started with.

I could go on,but you get the idea.

Three traumatizing eyebrow experiences are enough for my lifetime, and thankfully years later (I'm not telling you how many!) I've finally seen the light, and found my eyebrows gurus.

I used to see them just across the street from my winter get-away spot in Sunny Isles, but now they've moved into a gorgeous new location in Bay Harbor.

Along with their gorgeous new studio, they also have a great collection of products to make your brows behave between appointments. I'm pretty obsessed with their tinted brow gel.


Please do your brows a favour and visit these angels, no matter where you live in Miami. Your brows will thank you for it.

1074 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor, Miami

Monday-Thursday 9:30am - 7:30pm
Friday 9:30am – 2:00pm
Closed Saturdays & Sundays

Dari: Call or text (305) 244-8088
Gail: Call or text (305) 299-9795